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Back to the routine

By | 11 January, 2016 | 0 comments


January means going back, starting again, starting from scratch… It is the month that not only do we start another year but also new things that we wish to include in our routine and that we always leave for another time. Perhaps that is why January is the month for new resolutions. Nevertheless, it is the time to go back to the routine after a few days off and short holidays, which may be short for some and long for others. Christmas usually means that our mind can unwind more than other times but now it’s time to go back.

Children will be going back to school and to their routine and adults will be going to work, but it’s not only a professional thing but also a return to our regular aspects of life. It is important to return to normal eating timetables and not eat as much so we can allow our stomach to rest, as well as go back to our physical exercise and sleeping timetable, because no doubt our sleeping patterns were altered after so many late nights and mornings. Everything has to go back to its place. So, how do we do all of this and, at the same time, add our New Year’s resolutions? These are a few tips that may help:

– Don’t start everything on a Monday. It’s hardly a surprise to say that Monday is a hard day. After a relaxing weekend, everything feels more difficult on a Monday and the week ahead seems eternal. Take a break and don’t be too demanding with yourself. Start your routine on another weekday because it will help you see things easier and see the weekend break much closer. This year, going back to work fell on a Thursday, an excellent day because it was only two days before the weekend. The body slowly starts getting used to things again and everything is easier.

– Do one thing at a time. Don’t torment yourself or pretend to be Superman or Superwoman. If something was difficult before, it’s not going to be any easier now, especially with the added New Year’s resolutions. Try one new thing every month. For example: in January, go back to the gym; in February, start eating healthy; in March… Or do it in the order you prefer and with the time frame that makes you feel more comfortable. Nevertheless, space things out and start creating new habits.

– Willpower. This is the key and despite it being hard to accept, it all depends on us. The first few days will be hard, very hard. We know this but it’s all a matter of trying, doing it and willpower.

Therefore, go back to your routine slowly and easily. There is no escaping it so you might as well do it in the most comfortable way possible.

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