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Barrio de Palacio: 6 paradas obligatorias

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Our hotel is very close to what is known as Barrio de Palacio (Palace District), which starts at Plaza de Oriente and goes across Calle Bailén, San Quintín and Plaza de Isabel II up to the Palacio Real. It is a place where even today you can sense the city’s historical past, not only in the name of the streets but also in the charm of its buildings and monuments.

We begin this post with a theme series on must-see stops to take into account when visiting some of Madrid’s most emblematic areas.

1) Almudena Cathedral

Catedral de la Almudena

The creation of this great Catholic temple endured a large amount of avatars, mainly due to the wars of the early 20th century, which prolonged its construction. It took over 100 years from the placing of the first stone until its completion, and now we have a fascinating mix of neo-Gothic and Neoclassical with modern twists. Its stained-glass windows and the crypt stand out above the rest of its features, as do the collections of sacred art, all of them a must-see

2) Palacio Real

Palacio Real de Madrid

One of the official residences of the Spanish Royal Family, even though they have not lived here for many years now. It is however used for state events such as, for example, the official reception after the recent announcement of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia.

The current building is of the 18th century and with its almost 10 acres in size and more than 3,000 rooms, it is the second biggest in Europe behind the Louvre in Paris. It occupies the old patch of land of the Alcazar of Madrid, the previous residence of the Spanish monarchy before it was destroyed by a fire in 1734.

A particular highlight of the palace are the official rooms, such as the throne room or the column room, the royal armoury and the palatine chapel. In the royal collections there are also works of art, old tapestries and a quartet of musical instruments made by Stradivarius.

3) Plaza de Oriente and Teatro Real

El Teatro Real y la plaza de Oriente

The Teatro Real is Madrid’s opera house and it is considered one of the most prestigious concert houses in Europe, both due to its magnitude and for the quality of the shows that you can see on its stage.

The building in itself, designed by Antonio López Aguado in 1850, is a beautiful sample of Neoclassical art that was declared Heritage of Cultural Interest by the Spanish Historical Heritage.

On the other hand, Plaza de Oriente, which is where it is located, is one of the most beautiful ones for having a walk in or sitting on a terrace, thanks to its wonderful atmosphere and privileged light all year long.

4) Sabatini Gardens

From these gardens you can enjoy the best views of the western side of Madrid and of the Palacio Real. Losing yourself among its hedges with the sound of the fountains in the background or sitting down on one of the stone benches in the evening to read is a highly recommended experience.

5) Plaza de España

Plaza de España

Presided by the monument to Miguel de Cervantes, the famous writer of Don Quijote, this square filled with trees offers an oasis of green in the middle of the Gran Vía. Around it we can see some of the tallest buildings in Madrid, with the permission of the financial district skyscrapers: the Torre de Madrid and Edificio España, both built in the 1950s.

6) Temple of Debod

Templo de Debod

This monument is considered by many to be the most beautiful in Madrid and, in fact, it is a place chosen by many newly wedded couples to take their wedding photographs due to the wonderful sunsets it offers.

It is an authentic Nubian temple, donated by Egypt in 1960 to the Spanish authorities as form of gratitude for having saved the temples of Abu Simbel during the construction of the Aswan dam. Funnily enough, it is the oldest monument in Madrid, since it was built approximately in the year 200 BC.

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