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¿Cómo organizar tu evento de empresa en un hotel?

By | 15 March, 2015 | 0 comments

Today, the marketing and communication activities of companies as well as the sales techniques have changed and adapted themselves to the current needs of mobility, product accessibility and profiles, both of the client and the teams that make up said companies. As part of the motivation activities that are developed in trainings, there is an increasing need to be in touch with teams to bring them closer to products, especially when we can see that they are decentralised from the office and spread around different locations.

For this, it’s very useful to carry out certain meetings or gatherings with your team, during which you can show the company’s numbers, its objectives, novelties and also listen to the best sales people in our company: the staff.

The marketing and/or HR departments face this task of organising an event with a high volume of work, infinite details to cover, tight budgets and thousands of setbacks that must be under control. For that, the main and initial thing is to choose the city where the meeting will take place, taking into account the team’s accessibility criteria or also choosing a place where they can relax and enjoy some leisure activities. Normally, large cities like Madrid offer the solution of having excellent connections with which you can easily access any place as well as being able to combine a business stay with leisure activities of the highest quality.

Once the destination is chosen, choosing the hotel is the key point. It must be a place that offers you comfortable accommodation of the highest quality and that also meets our company’s standards. Of course, it must also have meeting rooms with the best services and technological equipment, in order to “move” our office there for the time being and so that this transfer is as smooth as possible.

In this case, Hotel Liabeny has 5 fantastic rooms for meetings and events that cover the specific sizes depending on the number of attendants at the event (also a number to take into account when choosing the hotel). Details such as the availability of a projector, screen, whiteboard, Wi-Fi and catering for coffee break among other services are basic needs in any business event that the Hotel offers to those that choose it as a host. These details will not just bring quality to the meeting but also tranquillity, since you can relax knowing that they will be available.

Also, when choosing your hotel for the event, as well as the accommodation characteristics and meeting rooms for work, you have to take into account extra details that will aid your choice, such as car parking, Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, fax service or business centre among others. All of these needs are covered at Hotel Liabeny.

Once these premises have been resolved, organising the remainder of the event will be easier. From here onwards, you have to write out a checklist in which you need to include all the necessary items to take into account, assign a person responsible and also the timings. These are the steps to take in order to avoid unwanted setbacks in your company’s event.

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