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Visit Madrid in 2019, del Prado turns 200

By | 12 December, 2018 | 0 comments

Bicentenario del Prado

The Prado Museum is one of the most visited attractions of Madrid and one of the world’s most renowned art galleries. It also has a very special charm as a monument and the exterior is very photographed, since its building, which was designed by Juan de Villanueva following orders of Charles III, is truly spectacular. In it, we can find very important and cherished works of art, such as Las Meninas by Velázquez or La Maja Desnuda by Goya. 

Bicentenary activities for 2019

In 2019 this museum turns 200 and it is going to celebrate it in style with many activities that we will share with you so that you add «going back to Madrid» to your New Year’s Eve resolutions:

  • «Museo del Prado 1819-2019 exhibition. A place of memory»: in this interesting exhibition, the Prado Museum re-examines 200 years of history that are supported by very interesting data and trends that have guided the growth of the museum’s collection, how it became a referent for painters and writers and much more. All of it, documented with paintings and diverse artistic expressions.
  • Twelve photographers in Museo del Prado: one of the activities that will take place next year. The Fundación Amigos del Museo has invited twelve photographers to show the work they have done at the institution. It will be very interesting to see divergent points of view and their contrasts.
  • Performing arts: various foundations will try to explain different aspects of the collection through the performing arts throughout the year. Prestigious organizations will participate in these celebrations, such as the Teatro de la Zarzuela or the National Dance Company.

Travelling to Madrid is a good idea

As you can see, next year you will breathe and live art more than ever in Madrid. This is undoubtedly the best excuse to organise a getaway to the capital, where you will be able to enjoy the main attractions visiting monuments and avenues, but above all, getting immersed into the cultural offer that a world-renowned museum has to offer.  

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