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The Curious Case of the Dog at Night-time, the trendiest play right now in Madrid

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If you are visiting Madrid in September and you would like to watch a captivating play at the theatre, you are in luck. The successful adaptation of the novel The Curious Case of the Dog at Night-time by the acclaimed English writer Mark Haddon has arrived in our city.

The plot

Christopher Boone is the protagonist of this story told in the first person.

At the age of 15, Christopher is a student in a special-education school due to having Asperger’s Syndrome and the so-called Savant Syndrome.

The problem stems from his inability to understand human behaviour and express emotions.

One night, Christopher comes across the dead body of his neighbour’s dog, Willington. Given the situation, the dog owner calls the police, who then start interrogating young Christopher.

This situation generates huge anxiety in Christopher, so much so that he causes an altercation with the police.

After this, Christopher decides to start an investigation of his own, titled The Curious Case of the Dog at Night-time, which kicks off the story.

You will love the relationships that the protagonist establishes with his parents and especially with his teacher.

The stage

The whole story takes place in a town called Swindon, located in south-western England, something which is highly relevant to the plot.

Performance dates

The play will be performed daily at Teatro Marquina (Calle Prim, 11) starting on 5 September.

Click the link for the different times of the play as well as how to purchase tickets for it during your stay with us in Madrid. The theatre is just a couple of metro stops away from our hotel, on Line 2.

This is a true story of exaltation of friendship, tolerance and personal growth that will be the cherry on the cake of your stay in the Spanish capital.

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