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Autumn, the perfect time to lose yourself in the forests near Madrid

By | 17 October, 2016 | 0 comments

Autumn days in Madrid have something about them that is hard to explain. Their characteristic seductive and attractive colours and smells make it one of the best times of year to go out for a walk, breathe in some fresh air, watch the leaves fall off the trees and take amazing photographs (the best postcards of the year).

Going out into the forest and enjoying the heart of nature intimately is one of the adventures we must do in autumn. Near Madrid, there are a few chestnut groves and beech forests that will take your breath away.

El Tiemblo chestnut grove: Located 62 miles from Madrid, in the city of Ávila, this chestnut grove has huge and impressive hundred-year-old trees. It has a magical area called “The forest’s grandfather”, which has one of Spain’s tallest trees, whose hollow trunk used to be used as a refuge by shepherds. You can also enjoy the beauty of the nearby towns and the great value of its natural spaces, such as the Valley of Iruelas, declared a Natural Reserve in 1997 and an Area of Special Protection for birds, since it is home to the largest group of black vultures in Europe.

La Pedrosa beech forest: The city of Segovia is 72 miles from Madrid and its province is home to the town of Riofrío de Riaza, which is where we can find this beech forest. This small forest stands out for its beautiful oaks, holly trees, birches and yews. Near this stunning setting is the sanctuary of the Virgin of Hontanares, surrounded by Pyrenean oaks that have been there for hundreds of years. Its fields are also the perfect location for a picnic, whereas if you fancy a bit of climbing, you can go up Pico del Lobo (7,457 ft.), the highest peak in the Guadalajara province.

Montejo de la Sierra beech forest: Located on the border of the Madrid and Guadalajara provinces, 58 miles from Madrid is one of the most protected ecosystems in the area, declared Natural Site of National Interest. Enjoy the beautiful 400-year-old trees while you walk around its fields full of birches and wild service trees, as well as the stunning wildlife in the area that includes foxes and boars.

Tejera Negra beech forest: Located in the Guadalajara province, 103 miles from Madrid, this beech forest offers a fairy tale setting with seasonal colours, moss on the ground, golden eagles flying around and complete and total silence. With a cold and humid climate, here you can see 130-feet trees, Pyrenean oaks, wild pine trees, birches and holly trees as well as local foxes and boars.

Advance bookings are required to visit any of these natural spaces, since access spaces fill up quickly in autumn.


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