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Historical taverns in the city of Madrid

By | 24 May, 2017 | 0 comments

Tabernas Historia

Madrid was not yet capital of the Spanish Empire when taverns were appearing on every street corner. The oldest ones opened up on the street known today as Calle Tabernillas (in La Latina), since that was where all the caravans camped outside the city walls. There is a lot of history inside the four walls of the oldest taverns in Madrid, temporary gateways that take is back to a Madrid we never knew and could never have imagined. Here are some of the best:

  • In 1838, the famous tavern of Antonio Sánchez, on Calle Mesón de Paredes, was already open. Famous for its delicious torrijas, they even sold more than 2,000 in a single day. They must have been delicious… Going inside is a journey back in time: they still have gas lights and the cash register is over 100 years old, with its walls decorated with bullfighting posters from the previous century.
  • Another tavern that we cannot miss out on is Casa Alberto, which has even more history than the previous one. In 1827, clients sat down at the bar to share their happy and unhappy experiences. The owner also tells the story about how they created traditional dishes while reading books by Cervantes. Would you like to eat traditional snails or eggs like a local would have back in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries? Place your order!
  • It’s true that Casa Ciriaco is a newer tavern, but what must it be like if, having opened in 1917, it is already an essential piece of Madrid’s history! Ramón del Valle Inclán wrote about its homemade food in his famous work Bohemian Lights and intellectual authors such as José Ortega y Gasset and Gregorio Marañón among many others were some of its most notorious clients.

Why not experience the historical feeling and go to eat in some of these historical taverns?

Photo (CC) Paula Soler-Moya – Flickr

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