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Los edificios de la plaza de Callao

By | 20 March, 2014 | 0 comments

Just a few yards from our hotel is Plaza de Callao. This small open esplanade in the middle of the Gran Vía is the meeting point between the streets of Carmen, Preciados, Postigo de San Martín and Jacometrezo, a place that 113 million people walk past every year.

It is wonderful to walk up or down the Gran Vía and stop at Plaza de Callao to admire its beautiful buildings from the early 20th century. However, when we look up to the sky, what can we see.

Today we will tell you everything about the buildings of Plaza del Callao.

1) Edificio Carrión

It is the building located between Calle Jacometrezo and Gran Vía, whose emblematic profile on the street corner has been an icon for the centenary celebrations of this street.

Built between 1931 and 1933, it takes its name from its promoter, although it is also known as Edificio Capitol because it originally held a cinema and a hotel with that name. It has 14 floors and its construction took 30 months.

2) Palacio de la Prensa

Slightly longer, four years in fact, it took the architect Pedro Muguruza Otaño to build this construction that is, architectonically speaking, of modern classicist style.

The bare-brick facade was a huge novelty at the time in what today is a huge identity sign for many buildings in Madrid. It is located between the second and third section of the Gran Vía and its most characteristic trait is the large arch of triumph that decorates its facade.

3) Edificio Adriática

Few know the name of the building located in the south-western tip of the square, a building which is named after the insurance company that occupied the main floors when it was inaugurated. It is a classic construction with modern shapes that was built in 1926.

Especially outstanding is the clock tower located on the corner itself, with a pavilion with paired columns covered by a golden dome. Those who have a better eyesight or binoculars can distinguish the figures that represent day and night, alongside those that represent protection and saving, probably an idea from the owners of the insurance company.

4) Edificio FNAC

The building that has been the home of FNAC since 1993 was originally designed by Luis Gutiérrez Soto for the Galerías Preciados department store.

That is why he designed a space that rose vertically with a diaphanous interior thought out to favour sales, with outstanding sobriety.

5) Cine Callao

The last name on the list is perhaps the most famous one, also built by Gutiérrez Soto. We are talking about Cine Callao, built between 1926 and 1927 in academic style, although some see some Spanish Neo-Baroque in its decoration of the facade and interior. At the top of Callao we can also see a tower, a copy of the one that crowns the Adriática building minus the columns and the clock, resembling more a lighthouse than a pavilion.

Pics (CC) Piradaperdida, JRxpo y Luisvilla on Flickr

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