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Madrid, fuente de experiencias

By | 13 February, 2015 | 0 comments

Bernabeu TourThe city of the bear and the arbutus offers a never-ending list of attractions. In this article we will make a selection, starting with the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Tour. Who hasn’t dreamed about going to the legendary stadium of Real Madrid and seeing its cabinets filled with trophies and its commemorative rooms? Tickets cost 19 euros for adults and 13 for children, and with that you can enjoy privileged views of the stadium as well as the dressing rooms, benches and the spectacular cabinet that holds the 10 European Cups that the club has conquered throughout its 113-year history. More information and bookings here.

Another suggestion that you most certainly have thought about is riding one of those two-wheel bicycles for pedestrians. Their name? Segway, that’s the word you were looking for. On this page you can find Segway tours from 25 euros and planned itineraries so you do not have to worry about anything.

One route is the one around Madrid Río and the nearby area, which lasts for 120 minutes. Another is the visit to one of the city’s most famous parks, the Casa de Campo. Price: 40 euros per person. Another option is a more cultural one, the route in Central Madrid, which lasts for 60 minutes and that will take you to all the main historical attractions such as the Cathedral of La Almudena, the Palacio Real, the Puerta del Sol or the Plaza Mayor. All of this with a guide that will tell you about every attraction you see on the way. Price: 30 euros

And we conclude with another tour, in this case to the monumental bullring of Las Ventas, a visit that will allow you to discover everything you need to know of this venue from the inside, which was inaugurated in 1929. A perfect occasion to visit Las Ventas and go through the Puerta Grande (the Main Gate), where the great bullfighters come out of and also see the spaces where only bullfighters can get to. Especially interesting is the patio area and the gate where bullfighters access the arena before they go on it, the puerta de cuadrillos, and the chapel, two of the most intimate spaces of a bullfighter’s life. More information and bookings here.

If you stay with us at Hotel Liabeny you will enjoy excellent value for money during your stay and your accommodation will be in the heart of Madrid, from where you will have easy and quick access to any of these tours.

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