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Sol metro station is called Sol once again

By | 15 May, 2016 | 0 comments

And everything went back to normal, recuperating its authentic name and its identity, the one it never lost because, despite having a second added name, Sol metro station was, is and always be Sol. For us, for our hotel, the station is like a member of our family because it’s the one that takes us places and brings us back home, so it means a lot that the name is back to normal.

Leif Harboe (CC) Leif Harboe

For Madrid’s visitors, and for us locals too, in the last few years we have seen how the legendary metro station of Puerta del Sol -the nearest to our hotel in the centre of Madrid– had a commercial name added to it and an intense red colour from a famous mobile phone company.

The rise of sponsorship had even reached metro stations. However, on June 1st, the sponsorship agreement came to an end and all of the commercial names in the station were removed, a decision boosted by Madrid’s regional government to stop all metro sponsorships. Since 2013, three years ago now, we have had to live with this format, which despite not being annoying and bringing income into the city that could then be invested in positive things for everyone, it has finally been removed.

Personal taste and potential controversies aside, the important thing is that a such an emblematic metro station like Sol has never stopped being Sol, it never lost its name nor its identity (I think that nobody stopped calling it Sol during all these years), although everything in life is subject to change in order to see if it’s an improvement or not for the city. Starting on June 10th 2016, the station will go back to normal and all commercial indicators will by then be removed.

60,000 travellers per day and more than 20 million every year, including the hundreds of thousands of tourists who pass through this station, will once again only see the legendary name of the station on the boards: Sol.

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