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A magician at a company event?

By | 7 February, 2016 | 1 comment


Now that Christmas, Hard January and the financial-planning time of the year are all behind us, it’s the time to organise team-building activities at work, that highly awaited product presentation or business-goals meetings in the best possible way: it’s the best time for your company event.

On this blog, we have provided many useful tips and advice on how to organise company events, in which we always highlight the importance and how basic it is to choose a good place to host it (a hotel has a lot to offer in terms of comfort, functionality and benefits for the attendants), but today we want to go further. We want to focus on the event’s leisure activity, the moment that focuses on generating a unique experience that attendants will never forget and that will make them remember it fondly. For this reason, what better than a show that sparks disbelief, intrigue and curiosity among guests? All of this and more is what you will be getting with a magician.

Including a magician in your company event? Of course! It will make a unique and unforgettable impression on all your guests. It will be a moment of fun, relaxation and unity but also a time to exercise your intellect and your curiosity during which you can also achieve that the dynamic of a presentation or meeting goes in a new direction by reactivating the focus of attention. We all know that long events which require a lot of concentration in order to follow everything that is going on can tire even the most consummate professional, so a magician, entering during a coffee break, after one of the meeting’s most crucial moments or when tiredness is starting to appear, can relax the atmosphere with a simple magic trick. This is the perfect time for a professional to enter the scene, play with your guests and reactivate the space. Therefore, as well as being able to include this activity in a dinner, business dinner or a recreational activity, a magician can also be a great option to entertain a formal meeting without it losing any of its seriousness and professionalism, since it would be an incentive for the intellect and help the attendants focus even more.

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  1. Raul Diaz says:

    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo. En mi empresa hemos hecho un evento a principio de Marzo. Contamos con la actuación del gran mago Santi Vergara y el evento fue todo un exito. El trajo todo lo necesario y nos hizo una velada inolvidable.

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