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(Español) 3 pistas para ahorrar en tu próxima visita a Madrid

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(Español) Espectáculos para niños en Madrid

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(Español) Galería: Estatuas humanas en Madrid

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(Español) Hotel Liabeny: Plaza del Carmen

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(Español) Las estrellas y la osa de Madrid

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May 15th: San Isidro Festival in Madrid

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Chulapos, de  Alex Bikfalvi

There are two dates in the calendar in which the people of Madrid bring out their regional attire. The city dresses up for partying and regional dancing and food take over, food such as the entresijos (lamb mesentery), gallinejas (chitterlings) and rosquillas (doughnuts).

One of those dates is in August, the Festival of the Virgen de la Paloma. However, the more important date is San Isidro, celebrated on May 15th. read full article

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How to get to Hotel Liabeny on public transport

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Metro en la Puerta del Sol

Fortunately, Madrid is excellently communicated which means that getting to our hotel on public transport is easy. If you are going to stay in the city for a few days and you were planning on getting around on public transport, we recommend that you check the rates of the multi-day tickets, that cover 1 to 7 days of unlimited transport.

Depending on whether you arrive to Madrid by train, bus or airplane, or even of your arrival time, we propose a different recommended route to arrive at Hotel Liabeny by the Puerta del Sol. read full article

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(Español) La Puerta del Sol, escenario clave del 2 de mayo

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(Español) Semana Cultural Japonesa en el Botánico

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How to get from Hotel Liabeny to Madrid-Barajas Airport

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Cómo llegar al aeropuerto de Barajas

Our guests often ask us how to get to Madrid-Barajas Airport from our hotel.

Thanks to the modern road and transport infrastructure in Madrid, it is very easy to get to the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport from our hotel despite being in the very heart of the city. You can get there both by car or public transport. read full article

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