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Plaza del Callao

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A historical part of Spain’s Capital

Constructed between 1910 and 1940 as well as Gran Vía, Plaza del Callao is situated in the middle of this large arterial road in Madrid at the end of Calle del Carmen.

This spot has been changed into a living legend of the city.

It is so important that according to the statistics managed by the Consistory of Madrid, 113 million people of all the possible nationalities pass by here annually and it has a traffic estimated at 51,000 vehicles daily.

It received its name in honour of the Callao Battle, which took place in said port in Peru on the 2nd of May 1866 during the Hispanic-South American War.

Even the buildings that frame Plaza de Callao have historical grounds.

Hotel Liabeny Madrid
Hotel Liabeny Madrid

Among which it is worth mentioning Palacio de la Prensa (Palace of the Press) and Edificio Carrión (Carrión Building) with its famous neon lights of the Schweppes brand, being the star on the big-screen in several movies.

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