Hotel Liabeny Madrid


Madrid’s Broadway… and much more

A Mecca of the art scene

Madrid’s Gran Vía is known as the Broadway of Madrid due to its quantity of theatres that are found on its paths.

Along this never-ending avenue or next to it appear splashes of the Teatro Compac Gran Vía (Gran Vía Compact Theatre), Lara Theatre, the small Gran Vía Theatre, Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía (Gran Vía Prince Theatre)… mythical stages where the best current theatre performances are represented and where the most famous musicals triumph.

Hotel Liabeny Madrid
Hotel Liabeny Madrid

Scattered all over the city, the tradition and special taste of the Alcázar and Maravillas (Wonders) Theatres, the Häagen-Dasz Calderón Theatre, Muñoz Seca Theatre, the Coliseum, the Fígaro Theatre, the Marquina Theatre, the Arenal (Beach) Theatre, the Reina Victoria (Queen Victoria) Theatre, La Latina (Latin) Theatre , the Español (Spanish) Theatre, the Nuevo Apolo (New Apollo) Theatre, the Amaya Theatre, the Lope de Vega Theatre, the Infanta Isabel (Infante Isabel) Theatre or the Canal Theatres complete one of the most heterogeneous and varied views.

But also, in the city of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree you can enjoy the Zarzuela Theatre and the Teatro Real (Royal Theatre), two exclusive places where they exhibit new shows of a worldly quality.

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