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Pop Ups de Navidad en Madrid

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Navidad por todos los rincones… de Madrid

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Y llegó la Navidad a Madrid

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Almost without realising, summer is over and we are dressing up in scary costumes to celebrate Halloween and suddenly it’s almost Christmas. November has arrived and the streets light up to welcome Santa Claus in the most important time of year for shops, families, gatherings and reunions…Everything is important at Christmas and it has now arrived.

Madrid really enjoys Christmas. It seems like a different city, even more beautiful if that’s even possible. There are lights on all the streets, warmth in all of its spaces, smiles everywhere, chestnut sellers on the streets bringing a bit of warmth and traditional smells and a never-ending list of events that allow you to experience a unique and magnificent holiday from now onwards.

However, if Christmas is notorious for something, that’s shopping and you can enjoy some great shopping in Madrid. The shops get ready to show their autumn-winter collections and traditional shopping areas like Milla de Oro (Salamanca district) or the popular Malasaña district are now ready to offer the best.  What is your style? A more classic and elegant style with a fashionable touch? Then Serrano and its nearby streets are the place for you. Here you will find the most prestigious fashion brands like Loewe and Louis Vuitton that will give unique prestige and elegance to your shopping stroll. They mix together with other more affordable brands without giving up a single bit of elegance and style to improvisation. Lagasca, Hermosilla, Ayala, Claudio Coello… these are magical streets that are waiting for you with unique fashion items so you can stand out from the rest while generating a unique shopping experience.

If you have a more alternative and hipster style, Madrid is also the place for you. Head to Malasaña, a district that has reinvented itself and that is currently enjoying its highest degree of popularity. It has shops with treasures that you would never have imagined design their window displays and care for every single little detail in order to capture your attention so that your style is unique. Also, don’t forget about areas open to diversity like Callao, where you will find everything you are looking for.

But is Madrid only about fashion? Not by any means. Christmas gets to every single corner of the city. You will always need a bite to eat during your shopping route and what better than a traditional afternoon snack like chocolate con churros (hot chocolate with churros) or a complete meal with Madrid’s famous stew, known as cocido? The latter includes three servings and for sure you will need a siesta after it, something that will no doubt be easier with the Christmas carols in the background.

No matter what your style is, Christmas is here and you will have everything you need in Madrid. Don’t hesitate and come and spend it with us. It will be an unforgettable experience.

De brujas y fantasmas fue la cosa

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Lo de antes, gusta… y también en el espectáculo

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Maderaterapia: dedícate unos mimos naturales.

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Nature can always bring us benefits in many different aspects. We have within our reach, and closer than we think, many different tools that can increase our wellbeing and good health. Since ancestral times, everything that nature brings us has been used and put into practice, making it the centre of our existence. With time and due to mankind’s creative and inventive skills, we have left some of these natural tools and applications behind in favour of other synthetic materials, despite the fact that, recently, there has been an increasing interest in bringing back what’s healthy and natural. This is where this new aesthetic and wellness therapy comes from, which has wood as its main protagonist.

Like aromatherapy, colour therapy, or other alternative therapies that help us balance our energy, the one that we present today, wood therapy, helps us improve our body and get rid of the stress that we can get due to bad postures or knocks.

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Otoño: época de mercados handmade en la ciudad

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Just like theatres and the cultural programme of the city, in autumn the craft markets start to poke their heads out once again, selling vintage and decoration items as well as items of other trends, earning more and more fans as time goes on. The new craft market season promises to be a success in terms of visitors, which results in better quality items and also in bringing a different kind of plan to the city, a special and fun plan for the whole family, couples or friends on weekends. And, why not, you can even go alone, since it’s always nice to spend a little time by yourself doing what you like best.

-        Mercado de Motores: One of Madrid’s classic craft markets. With many years of experience, it is back stronger than ever this month of September, preparing for an even better autumn. You cannot miss a visit to this market on the second weekend of every month, located in the Museo del Ferrocarril. Inside you can find many craftsmen that develop their creativity in decoration, fashion, accessories and a whole range of gourmet products elaborated in a homemade and ecological way that will result in a treat to your taste buds. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack or even a nice cocktail with cool background music that you can even dance to. Let your imagination fly, because everything goes at Mercado de Motores.

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Madrid ríe sin parar este otoño

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Madrid… de picnic

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cesta picnic

There is no more fun and romantic plan than a picnic in a beautiful garden, park or field. Perhaps it is due to the influence of love films or because nature is a great place to escape from the stress of the city. In any case, a picnic is always a great plan.

For those of us in Madrid during this summer (a plan which can also be carried out in spring, autumn and even on sunny winter days), here are the most interesting options for going for a picnic without leaving the city in its most beautiful spots. Whether it is with your partner, you friends or with kids, go out to a park and enjoy a day or an afternoon there, it will recharge your energy levels.

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Los Luchana tienen mucho teatro

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If Madrid can boast about something is about having the best artistic and cultural offer in the whole of Spain and one of the best in the world. Its museums are known worldwide and they receive thousands of visitors, the three best of which are known as the Art Triangle (or Golden Triangle). The Art Triangle is made up by the Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofía museums, stunning museums with the best collections and exhibitions just yards from each other.

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