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Madrid, fuente de experiencias

By | 13 February, 2015 | 0 comments

Bernabeu TourThe city of the bear and the arbutus offers a never-ending list of attractions. In this article we will make a selection, starting with the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Tour. Who hasn’t dreamed about going to the legendary stadium of Real Madrid and seeing its cabinets filled with trophies and its commemorative rooms? Tickets cost 19 euros for adults and 13 for children, and with that you can enjoy privileged views of the stadium as well as the dressing rooms, benches and the spectacular cabinet that holds the 10 European Cups that the club has conquered throughout its 113-year history. More information and bookings here.

Another suggestion that you most certainly have thought about is riding one of those two-wheel bicycles for pedestrians. Their name? Segway, that’s the word you were looking for. On this page you can find Segway tours from 25 euros and planned itineraries so you do not have to worry about anything.

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Espectáculos para niños en Madrid

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Madrid con niños

If you come to Madrid with children, they will love having a couple of afternoons just for them. So many museums, day trips and walks deserve a prize!

In Madrid there are many things to do with children. As well as enjoying the Teleférico (cable car) and the Zoo, all year long you can find theatre shows just for children, where magic, fantasy and the most surprising stories ever told come to life.

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Galería: Estatuas humanas en Madrid

By | 31 May, 2014 | 1 comment

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El origen del nombre de la calle Preciados

By | 10 April, 2014 | 0 comments

Balanza antigua, instrumento de los almotacenes

Located in the heart of Madrid, between Plaza del Callao and the Puerta del Sol, tens of thousands of people walk through Calle Preciados every day. This is perhaps the busiest shopping street in the centre of Madrid and also the most expensive one: it occupies the #5 spot in the world ranking of streets with the highest rent price and it is located just fifty yards from our hotel.

However, few know the origin of its name. The street pays tribute to the Preciado brothers, who were beloved by the people of Madrid thanks to their excellent work as civil servants.

Our history goes back many centuries, back to 1490, when there was still a royal country house in this area that the monarchs used for leisure and recreation.

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Tres musicales que no puedes perderte esta primavera

By | 30 March, 2014 | 0 comments

The music is currently going through an excellent moment in time in Spain. The Gran Vía in Madrid has seen this genre re-emerge in the last few years inside its theatres, with large products viewed by millions of spectators: Les Misérables, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Beauty and the Beast…

Currently, Madrid is the third city in the world with the most musical shows, behind New York and London. If you are coming to Madrid this spring and you like musicals, we recommend three of them:

The Lion King

El Rey León

This great production has been playing in Madrid for over a year, where it will remain exceptionally until the 29th of June. This show has been on stage for 17 years and has had over 70 million spectators around the world.

Based on the homonymous Disney film, the musical is a show of colour, rhythm and music that has earned 70 awards. On the stage of the Teatro Lope de Vega, set up especially for this production, we will see more than 25 different animals, including giraffes of over 20 ft. in height.

Hoy no me puedo levantar

This is a renovated production from the same show that was in Madrid for 4 seasons and another 2 in Barcelona, before going on tour around Spain. It returned to Madrid last year and it will remain here until June 2014 unless it is exceptionally extended.

On this occasion, the scenography has been customised for the Teatro Coliseum, using the latest technologies of theatre representation from around the world.

Marta tiene un marcapasos

Marta tiene un Marcapasos

A Spanish production aimed at 80s nostalgics, similar to Hoy no me puedo levantar, it recovers the songs of the band Hombres G, songs like Venezia, Sufre mamón, Visite nuestro bar, Suéltate el pelo, Nassau, El ataque de las chicas cocodrilo, Temblando, Te quiero… and, of course, Marta tiene un marcapasos.

Performed as a comedy, the musical tells us the story of Marta, a girl who embarks on a trip of self-discovery next to her friend Belén. The show will be performed at the Teatro Gran Vía until the 22nd of June.

Hotel Liabeny is an ideal place to stay if you want to go to Madrid to enjoy the musicals of the Gran Vía. We are located halfway between the Puerta del Sol and the Gran Vía, a five-minute walk from all the main theatres on this avenue.

El Ecoparque Aventura Amazonia

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Faemino y Cansado invitan a la carcajada en el Teatro Alcázar

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Los Morancos estrenan "Risoterapia" en el Teatro Compac Gran Vía

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Carlos Baute cierra concierto en Las Rozas

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El Teatro Fígaro presenta "Y si yo no fuera un gato"

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