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Brunch essentials

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A few years ago, Spain received a new culinary trend coming straight from New York. Some of us thought it would go away as quickly as it come but it turned out not to be the case, brunch was here to stay as one of the best weekend plans to share with friends or family. However, what is brunch exactly?

Brunch is a meal that, as its name indicates, a mixture of breakfast and lunch and you can enjoy it between the times where you would have these two meals as a substitute to both. The word appeared for the first time in 1896 in the popular British upper-class magazine, Punch. Wealthy English people enjoy a breakfast buffet on Sunday mornings that their butlers left served before taking the day off. The buffet covered breakfast and lunch so that no cooking was needed when the help was not at work.

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Gastronomy within your reach at San Miguel Market

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If you consider yourself a foodie and you enjoy buying food for cooking at home or reaching out to pick the freshest apple, you cannot miss a visit to the famous San Miguel Market in Madrid, located approximately half a mile from our hotel by Puerta del Sol.

It’s located in the most traditional part of the city centre, in a historical and monumental spot full of literary details that take the visitor back in time. On Plaza de San Miguel is one of the markets with the most character not just in Madrid but around the world, receiving many visits from locals and tourists alike, who admire the quality of its products.

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