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7 excursiones cortas para hacer desde Madrid

By | 10 November, 2014 | 0 comments

As well as the attractions that our city has to offer, its location in the heart of Spain makes it the ideal place to visit other beautiful cities that are located nearby.

Today we propose seven short day trips from Madrid that last less than a whole day. Medieval cities, ancient city walls, monuments and natural landscapes just a few hours away. You can leave in the morning and get back to our hotel for dinnertime and then go and enjoy Madrid’s nightlife 😉

1) Manzanares el Real

34 miles away, its main attractions are the landscapes of La Pedriza, with incredible hills and lakes as well as the impressive Mendoza castle. Many movies have been filmed here such as El Cid, Spartacus and even spaghetti westerns.


2) Segovia

Less than an hour by car northwest of Madrid we find this ancient city, capital of its homonymous province. There we can admire the most important construction of Roman civil engineering in Spain: the Segovia Aqueduct, built in the 2nd century AD.


3) San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Shortly after arriving at the throne, King Felipe II put all of his effort and passion into the construction of this impressive architectonic complex that met two of his motivations: commemorating the victory of San Quintín and creating a funerary monument for his father, King Carlos I, worthy of the Habsburg dynasty.

Located 28 miles northwest of Madrid, El Escorial is a perfect destination for a day trip. There, we can visit the monastery, walk around the garden of Los Frailes and enjoy the views from the many viewpoints that are located in the nearby mountains.

El Escorial

4) Ávila

Northwest of Madrid, Ávila is another of the most popular destinations for day trips from the Spanish capital. Its main tourist attractions are the Romanesque cathedral, the medieval city walls, the roast suckling pig and the yemas of Santa Teresa, a traditional sweet dessert from the region.


5) Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá is the place of birth of Miguel de Cervantes, a beautiful city northeast of Madrid where you can also find one of Europe’s oldest universities. We can also visit a couple of museums dedicated to Cervantes and the oldest theatre in Europe, which has recently been renovated.

Alcalá de Henares

6) Toledo

Toledo was the old capital of the kingdom before Madrid. It is known as the city of three cultures, since Christians, Jews and Muslims lived there in peace for many centuries. Its streets, filled with history, offer a relaxing place for visitors to walk in while they visit many exhibitions dedicated to El Greco, the artist who arrived here in 1577 and never left.


7) Chinchón

A lesser-known day trip than the previous ones, this small city located 28 miles from Madrid has a beautiful medieval square and traditional taverns where you can sample local tapas such as chorizos al infierno (“chorizos to hell”). A must-see construction is the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, where you can admire a magnificent fresco by Goya dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin.


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