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5 minutes away: Royal Monastery of the Incarnation

By | 4 March, 2020 | 0 comments

Cúpula de la iglesia del Real Monasterio de la EncarnaciónCúpula de la iglesia del Real Monasterio de la Encarnación

Thanks to its privileged location in the heart of Madrid, several historical buildings that are well worth a visit are only 5 minutes’ walk away from our hotel. Some of them are well known – such as the Royal Theatre or the Almudena Cathedral – and others, less so. This is the case of the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation, which we will now tell you about.

This convent of nuns was erected in the 17th century under the supervision of the architect Juan Gómez de Mora, who was also responsible for the construction of the Cava de San Miguel (1617-1619) and the Casa de la Panadería (1617-1619), which are around the nearby Plaza Mayor. We can be certain Gómez de Mora oversaw the construction works, but the design is attributed to his uncle, Francisco de Mora, another famous architect who we can thank for buildings such as the Royal Basilica of Atocha (1598) and the Monastery of Santa Isabel (1596).

The building’s most notable aspects are the church, which has a floor plan in the shape of a Latin cross and a single nave, and the granite façade with an entrance portico, two royal shields and a bas-relief of the Annunciation by Antonio de Riera. The luxurious inside decoration is also noteworthy, with jasper, marble and bronze elements added by Ventura Rodrígurz during the renovations carried out in the mid-18th century.

It currently contains a museum with several artistic treasures of a religious nature that are housed in the convent. These include works by Lucas Jordán, Juan Van der Hammen and Vicente Carducho, among others.

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