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The universal artist Diego Rivera lands in Madrid

By | 6 November, 2019 | 0 comments

Arte de Diego Rivera


Diego Rivera is one Mexico’s most notable artists, and if you want to delve into his prolific body of work, you cannot miss the exhibition at Casa de México in Madrid. The art show coincides with Casa de México’s first anniversary in the Spanish capital, and what better way to celebrate this birthday than by attending a retrospective of the work of Mexico’s most universal painter.

Diego Rivera in Madrid until February

In this exhibition we can see as many as 20 works from throughout Diego Rivera’s career, accompanied by a photography exhibition and a didactic hall based on his renowned mural Sueño de una tarde dominical (“Dream of a Sunday Afternoon”).

The selection includes works from his student years to his 1948 easel works, allowing us to analyse the artist’s evolution, as well as his private life. In fact, being a muralist and a painter are only two facets of his personality; he was also a political activist and his personal life was marked by his relationship with Frida Kahlo, his partner and another highly important modern Mexican artist.

We want to highlight three of the paintings that await at Casa de México in Madrid, all of them portraits: the portrait of his mother, that of Anfelina Beloff and that of Lupe Marín. The first one dates from his student years at the Academia de San Carlos, whereas the one of Beloff, his first wife with whom he had a child, is a symbolist portrait. The portrait of his second wife, Lupe Marín, mother of his daughters, is an example of Rivera’s expressionist side.

We have until February to go to Casa de México, on Alberto Aguilera 20, and enjoy this exhibition. Entry is free and it’s only 15 minutes away from our hotel by metro, so there’s no excuse to not drop by.

Image: Mike Steele on Flickr

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