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Indoor Skydiving, a unique experience in Madrid’s wind tunnel

By | 19 January, 2017 | 1 comment



A city like Madrid has an endless list of activities for those who wish to enjoy a fun afternoon in the city or try an activity that they hadn’t experienced before. The problem is that, when it comes to big thrills or extreme sports, you have to find them outside the city centre. However, these days, in order to fly, you don’t even need a plane, helicopter or flying object. Why do we say this? Because Indoor Skydiving Madrid is a company that specialises in extreme tourist experiences and it has a wind tunnel called Windobona.

Windobona is a vertical wind tunnel that allows you to practice skydiving and experience the incredible feeling of flying at no risk, not even feeling vertigo. Its functioning is simple: the air moves upwards, forming a wind column that reaches speeds of up to 280 kph (173 mph) that allow the body to float securely.

If you thought that this experience could only be enjoyed individually or as a couple, you need to know that the Windobona can hold up to 8 flyers at the same time thanks to its 14 ft. in diameter and 49 ft. in height and to its fans, which can move up to 1.5 tonnes of air per second.

Indoor Skydiving Madrid has qualified instructors that provide all the necessary equipment you need to enjoy the wind tunnel. Its facilities are located on Calle Calderilla, 4, next to the Islazul shopping centre. Remember that Windobona recreates the same feeling as skydiving from a plane at 13,000 ft. What a thrill!

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