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The Bible: a journey through the languages of the world

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Madrid has so many cultural alternatives. One of the venues in the city most popular among tourists from all over the world is the CaixaForum. The Bible. A journey through the languages of the world is an exhibition that goes above and beyond religious issues and aims to show how the content of the bible has spread throughout the world and throughout time, leading to western civilisation as we know it today.

Learning the importance of the Bible in Madrid

The exhibition helps you discover much more about the most popular book in world history, with more than 6,000 million copies already published. Beyond their religious significance, the sacred texts are also a fantastic sample of the universal art of literature. Its pages are full of details about the culture and civilisation of our ancestors. But also the historical relevance and linguistic importance of the different translations made of the Bible is immeasurable.

About the exhibition

Thanks to this historical work of universal literature, we are better able to understand our past and our present. During your visit, you will also discover many of the editorial secrets in this popular work, many of whose readers have picked it up over time for largely cultural and leisure reasons rather than spiritual needs. Spend a fascinating day discovering more about the historic and literary heritage of western culture.

The exhibition features the Bible collection of Pere Roquet, and emphasises its linguistic diversity. The Bible can be read in 3350 of the 7111 languages that officially exist in the world today. It is therefore the most translated and successful book of all time. The translations also offer a lot of information about other cultures and the importance each of them gives to literature. They also help you discover translation errors that have passed into religious history.

Entrance to the exhibition is completely free. You can reach the exhibition on foot from the Sol metro station area and also enjoy a pleasant walk through the centre of Madrid.

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