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The “3D. Printing the World” exhibition in Madrid

By | 27 August, 2017 | 0 comments

3D. Imprimir el mundo

3D printing technology has burst into our lives and it’s here to stay. Madrid will host “3D. Printing the World”, an exhibition whose objective is to show us the advances in 3D-printing technology and the revolution which comes with its development.

Its application fields are diverse and are continuously increasing in number with new additions, a perfect indicator of this technology’s promising future.

From the medical world to fashion, gastronomy, architecture, design… 3D printing is destined to be the symbol of a new industrial revolution.

A reflection on the far reach of this new technology.

The exhibition is structured in four themed sections:

From bit to atom: This part explains what 3D printing is all about, which types of printing exist and which materials can be used.

Through the rear-view mirror: A journey through this technology’s history, from its beginnings to today going through its whole evolution as well as the main turning points in its trajectory and the industry’s economic and commercial factors.

The three-dimensional footprint: Section which shows examples of different applications of 3D printing, reflecting on its essence from various points of view.

The next step: As a conclusion of the exhibition, this section shows the expectations put into this new technology.

The exhibition also includes plenty of audiovisual content as well as different objects printed with 3D technology, all of which help visitors get an overall in-depth view of this technological phenomenon.

You can enjoy this free exhibition at Espacio Telefónica in Madrid until October 22. Discover the secrets of 3D printing and its projection in our lives.

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