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The magic of movies which flows around Madrid has a name: Cine Doré

By | 15 August, 2018 | 0 comments

Cine Doré

If you are a true film fan, visiting Madrid will allow you to discover the city’s main cinematographic landmark, still intact despite the passing of time. This place is where you can find the most romantic history of cinema in the Spanish capital and where time does not seem to have stood still, it in fact has: Cine Doré.

Cine Doré: living history and a temple for cinephiles

To visit this cinema which still screens movies you must go to -write it down- Calle Santa Isabel, 3. In this location, you will think you have gone back in time. The cinema has done a fantastic job preserving the original facilities and its atmosphere will take you back to previous decades, those which you have discovered through films.

If Madrid is known for having some must-see cultural attractions, it is also famous for its magical places and even secrets which it preserves in many unexpected streets or corners. Cine Doré is one of them and a visit is a must during your stay.

The high architectural value of its facade

If you don’t fancy going to watch a movie or don’t have time for it, we recommend that at least you check out the Modernist-style facade of high architectural value the cinema has. The colour, the materials and the columns have made this place, without doubt, a cult location. According to experts, it is the building which best embodies traditional local aesthetics, if these existed and were catalogued in the world of architecture.

If, otherwise, you can go and watch a movie in Madrid, go ahead and buy a ticket for a movie in original version at Cine Doré. You won’t regret it, especially if you love everything vintage and retro.

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