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Charming film locations in Madrid

By | 27 April, 2017 | 0 comments

Madrid en el cine

Perhaps you didn’t know this but Madrid is to Spanish cinema what New York is to Hollywood. Why are we making such a daring comparison? Because Madrid has been the filming location for an endless number of Spanish movies, providing its streets and most emblematic spots as the stage for stories which were later projected on the giant screen. Would you like to know some examples? Here are five of the most famous ones.

Carrión Building – The Day of the Beast. The director, Álex de la Iglesia, is in love with Plaza del Callao. This popular place amongst locals and tourists is home to the Carrión Building, better known for being the building with the giant Schweppes advert. This is where one of the most famous scenes of The Day of the Beast was filmed, where Santiago Segura and the late Álex Angulo hang from in order to escape from Satan.

Plaza Mayor – The Flower of My Secret. In 1995, the prestigious film director Pedro Almodóvar chose Madrid’s most traditional and historical square to shoot a night scene starring Juan Echanove and Marisa Paredes.

Gran Vía – Open Your Eyes. Alejandro Amenábar is one of the few directors who has managed to show us Gran Vía completely empty, like some sort of post-apocalyptic scene. In Open Your Eyes, the character played by Eduardo Noriega is disorientated, shaken and confused while he walks all alone along this normally busy street.

Puerta del Sol – Witching and Bitching. Before travelling to the mysterious and magical land of Zugarramurdi in Navarre, the stars of this film, played by Mario Casas and Hugo Silva, commit a robbery dressed as mimes in Puerta del Sol itself.

Information Sciences Faculty – Thesis. The last of the stages in our list is the Advertising, Journalism and Audiovisual Communications Faculty in the Complutense University in Madrid. This famous concrete building generated a disturbing and labyrinthine atmosphere, perfect for the film directed by Alejandro Amenábar, considered as one of the best thrillers in Spanish cinema history.

Photo (CC) Antonio en Flickr

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