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Madrid, a WiFi city

By | 10 June, 2020 | 0 comments

Punto de información turística Callao

Did you know that Madrid has many public and private points from which to freely access Wifi Internet? It is a widely connected city, where you will not find it difficult to access the net at any time during your trip or while you are waiting to enter a business meeting.

1) Information points

You’ve probably seen in Madrid stands with an “i” for Information on a yellow disc: these are the tourist information centres that are spread around the city. Both these and the Tourist Centre in Plaza Mayor offer free Wifi connection and are also the ideal place to ask for information brochures about the city’s monuments. The closest tourist information points to our hotel are in Plaza de Callao, Palacio Real, Paseo del Prado and the Reina Sofía Museum.

2) Squares, parks and gardens

Several emblematic squares in the historic centre of Madrid also have their own Wifi repeaters: these are the Plaza de Santo Domingo, the Plaza Mayor, the Plaza de Callao and the Plaza de Olavide, all located in very central areas of the capital.

Also in the green spaces we have the possibility to connect to Internet in the middle of the nature: the park of El Retiro, Madrid Río and the Cecilio Rodríguez Gardens are part of the Wifi network.

3) Buses and Suburban Trains

While travelling around the city on any of the more than 2,000 city buses you can also connect to the free EMT WiFi network by following these instructions. There is also a WiFi point in all the bus shelters for travellers to check their messages or look for information while waiting for the bus.

The stations of the Renfe railway network offer a wide range of services through PlayRenfe, with a maximum connection time of 30 minutes. Some of the most central stations are Sol, Príncipe Pío, Atocha Cercanías.

4) Shopping centres

In Madrid there are numerous shopping centres and almost all of them offer free Internet access. The closest one to our hotel is Príncipe Pío, but you will also find Wifi available in others such as La Vaguada, Plaza Norte, Las Rozas Village and Moda Shopping.

And of course, when you return to your room in our hotel at Puerta del Sol and take off your shoes after a long day, you can also connect to the Wifi of the Hotel Liabeny. We are still connected!

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