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Madrid is multicultural, Madrid is alive

By | 8 August, 2018 | 0 comments

Casa judía Sefarad

In Madrid, different peoples and traditions from different horizons and cultures coexist and you can discover and marvel at three different ones during your stay in the city.

Hindu culture

There has been a Hindu community in the city for over a century and you can find its events programme in Casa Asia. The highlight of the month of June is BollyMadrid, a large-scale event dedicated to Bollywood cinema. It is a free festival with cinema sessions, cooking classes and dance lessons for all ages. Also, between October and November, the Hindu festival of lights takes place, known as Diwali, which celebrates the Hindu New Year. The party is also celebrated in Madrid, during which you will be able to enjoy traditional cuisine and beautiful dancing performances.

Muslim culture

The city of Madrid has been influenced by Muslim culture for many centuries. Its heritage can be seen in Mudejar-style architecture in places like Torre y Casa de los Lujanes in Plaza de la Villa or the Tower of the Church of San Pedro el Viejo. During your stay in the city, you can also try delicious Arab cuisine at Alzahra, the restaurant of the Oman Mosque, better known by locals as the M-30 Mosque. Visit Casa Árabe to find out the most interesting aspects of Muslim culture in Madrid!

Jewish culture

The Jewish community settled in the city back in the Ninth century. Around Calle del Arenal you can go on a pleasant walk around the so-called Judería Vieja, the old Jewish district.

If you would like to know more about this culture in Madrid, we recommend that you visit the Museum of History of the Jewish Community and eat at La Escudilla, one of the most popular kosher restaurants in the Spanish capital. Enjoy!

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