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Madrid presents Oriental influence on Spanish contemporary art

By | 13 April, 2018 | 0 comments


During the upcoming months, the Juan March Foundation in Madrid is presenting an exhibit which is an unmissable journey that showcases Oriental influence on Spanish art in recent decades. Japanese, Chinese and Hindu cultures have been an endless source of inspiration to the west for many centuries. Nevertheless, up until now, we had not studied their influence on Spanish art, particularly in recent years..

Oriental culture: a fundamental influence on modern Spanish art

The focus of this exhibition, which you can enjoy at the Juan March Foundation (Calle Castelló, 77) until June 24, is abstract Spanish art from the mid-Twentieth century. At the exhibition we will be able to observe considerable inspiration from different aspects of Oriental culture, from Hindu mythology and the great Oriental literary classics to Chinese and Japanese writing systems, all kinds of elements which are capable of generating an artistic influence in the other side of the world.

However, some aspects have struck Spanish artists more than others. For example, Chinese ceramic is one of the main features in the exhibition. Its influence is clear to see not just in paintings but on all art forms, resulting in Spanish art being full of delicate lines and soft colours inspired by glazed ceramic.

Another of the main elements which has captured the attention of the leading artists of recent decades is the treatment of nature in Oriental art. The subtlety of plants and the broad landscapes, with plenty of perspective and consecutive scenes, are a key feature of the exhibition. The special use of ink in this kind of paintings also gives each piece an exquisite touch.

Oriental finesse will impregnate Madrid and present an unmissable collection of artworks that will allow visitors to discover in depth the connections between east and west in Spanish art, transporting them to an elegant and sophisticated world of sculptures, paintings, photographs and much more.

Photo (CC) Chinese porcelain

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