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Recovering Madrid’s crafts

By | 5 May, 2016 | 0 comments

We are in the era of the Internet, of digital and industrial things where everything is done by a machine via industrialised processes. However, something is changing and is taking us into a new and imperative need to return to tradition and discover how things were made in the past, slowly and with love. For this reason, there are many so-called slow movements in many aspects of our life that are growing in numbers (slow food, slow travel, slow life…), because having such a fast lifestyle and losing touch with homemade and handmade authentic things is not as popular anymore.

For quite a few years, people have been worried about losing traditional crafts, caused mainly by children who didn’t want to follow in their father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, motivated by a new way of working. However, something has now changed and perhaps we do need to discover our origins, be more in touch with reality and live a little bit slower. Crafts are coming back and we are delighted, especially in Madrid, which has always been a traditional city.


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Nowadays, everything is “coming back” and big brands are aware of this. Traditional drinks brands, the ones that are handmade, support crafts by showing us what they’re really like and how they work. This is the case of Jack Daniel’s, the whiskey brand, which was handcrafted by its creator at the age of 13 in 1866 and that today, despite adapting to the modern-day needs, still maintains its traditional production process.

Likeminded brands have created the Crafts Route in Madrid, including unique stalls such as the Alcores workshop, which creates personalised frames; La-On Pottery, which sells homemade pottery; textile printer Federico Antelo, or the intimate stall of Yolanda Andrés. You can visit all of them on April 23rd in the Spanish capital as part of the aforementioned Crafts Route.

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Tradition is always well liked, especially because the roots and the essence cannot be lost and Madrid has plenty of it.

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