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Portrait and Mask: culminating the anniversary celebrations of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

By | 17 October, 2018 | 0 comments

Ornato de Plaza Mayor con motivo de la entrada de Carlos III en Madrid


The Plaza Mayor in Madrid celebrated its 4th centenary in 2017. A whole host of celebrations and events have been held in honour of such a significant landmark. We have come to tell you all about the exhibition that brings this anniversary year to a close. Why not check it out next time you come to Madrid?

Portrait and Mask, a unique exhibition at the Madrid History Museum

The theme of the exhibition is to show how the Plaza Mayor has evolved to become the vibrant, contemporary square we see to today. A collection of 300 works of art including sculptures, paintings, models, photographs and more takes viewers on a time machine travelling from the 17th century when this public meeting point was first opened all the way to the present day.

But the exhibition not only explores the square’s architectural design – it also provides visual aids illustrating the various festivities that have taken place here and how locals and foreigners have used this location for a range of purposes over the years.

The Museum’s temporary exhibition area will be displaying a collection of allegorical paintings as the finishing touch for a wonderful visit. The entrance hall will house a variety of audiovisual pieces dedicated to the episodes of the No-Do newsreel that featured this iconic Madrid site.

The chance to pay homage to this incomparable square in the heart of Madrid is right at your fingertips. This exhibition will be open until 11 November. Fancy investing a few hours in learning about the history of the square before taking in the stunning view from one of its terraces?

We highly recommend the full experience to help you truly appreciate the huge architectural and cultural value of a square that is one-of-a-kind in the world.

Picture: Ornament of the Plaza Mayor to mark the moment of Charles III entering Madrid (1760), by Lorenzo Quirós

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