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Tutankhamun in Madrid

By | 5 February, 2020 | 0 comments

Tutankhamon The famous burial mask of King Tutankhamun is housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt. The 11-kg mask is made of gold, glass and gemstones. The Nemes headdress features a vulture, symbolising sovereignty over Upper Egypt, and a cobra, for sovereignty over Lower Egypt.

Egyptian civilisation was born thousands of years ago on the shores of the Nile. A civilisation that remains fascinating to this day and is now closer than ever in Madrid. Its pyramids, sphinxes and hieroglyphs hide myriad mysteries and enigmas of intricate complexity that enchant children and adults alike.

Many names and stories will probably sound familiar from movies or fantasy literature, but one of them stands out above all the rest…


Tutankhamun is probably one of the most famous ancient Egyptian pharaohs, as well as one of the most mysterious. He was known for his short life and brief reign, as he was only crowned at eight and died young. Ever since the famous Howard Carter discovered his tomb and practically intact golden death mask, these have been surrounded by an aura of mystery. The unknowns are many due to the limited information we have about him and his life.

For years archaeologists have sought treasures and hidden chambers in his tomb due to the many myths and legends surrounding it.

His reign brought peace to a then turbulent Egypt. Though young, recent investigations have brought to light that he was an influential and independent pharaoh who restored power to the priests and fought to restore his people’s former glory.

The discovery of his tomb, despite its small size, helped us better understand ancient Egyptian history and culture. He was buried surrounded by gems, weapons, furniture and other fascinating devices, as had other governors of this civilisation. However, unlike those who came before him, his tomb wasn’t desecrated, and these archaeological and historical treasures have reached our day and age almost unscathed.

Exhibition: The tomb and its treasures

If you love ancient Egyptian culture or simply want to have a nice time, you cannot miss this exhibition. Come and visit Tutankhamon: la tumba y sus tesoros (“Tutankhamun: the tomb and its treasures) in Madrid, where you will learn more about this amazing pharaoh and ancient Egyptian culture. We highly recommend you come delve into the tomb and its treasures in Espacio 5.1 at IFEMA.

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