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A literary café in Madrid, please

By | 6 November, 2017 | 2 comments

Cafés literarios Madrid

Literature was always present in the great cafés of every era and the feeling was always mutual. Those places where the best literary figures in Madrid and its surroundings used to gather by inertia and enjoy an espresso, a coffee with brandy, a cognac or a good cocktail are quite special. Old cafés silently attracted the cultured crowd and its walls acted as their shelter.

Literary cafés of yesteryear and today in Madrid

Times have changed and so have the old cafés which, despite everything, still preserve that halo of culture, literature and writers sitting at the tables, some of them reciting, others discussing and a few of them writing in a corner.

This conception has not disappeared; it has changed or rather adapted to modern times. Literary cafés of today are different. They are modern but still preserve that same passion and silent attraction for contemporary literary and cultural figures.

Now it is places such as Aleatorio Bar which gather the crowd searching for cafés with the same legacy as those from many centuries ago. Recitals, literary presentations, magic shows and cultural events take place in these cafés much to the delight of a lively crowd with a passion and thirst for literature.

These are the places which pay tribute to others which, today, are barely a memory rather than a reality, such as Café Gijón and Café Comercial. They are still open and working but their presence is merely symbolic.

Other cafés closed many years ago but they still remain in the memories of many, even if it may just be by word of mouth:

  • Café Pombo, a favourite of writer Ramón Gómez de la Serna.
  • Café del Gato Negro, the place for the literary gatherings of Jacinto Benavente.
  • Café de los Espejos, also in Madrid, where you could have spotted the great novelist Benito Pérez Galdós.

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  1. edith says:

    Muy lindo articulo, sòlo que al final se deslizò un error.,…Viò sentarse en SUS Mesas,,, debiò decir : SENTARSE A SUS MESAS.Gracias, Edith (Argentina)

    • Redacción says:

      Muchas gracias, Edith, hemos corregido el error a raíz de su aviso en comentarios. ¡Saludos cordiales!

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