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The 10th World Ham Congress in Madrid is now under way

By | 18 September, 2019 | 0 comments

X Congreso Mundial del Jamón en Madrid

The 10th World Ham Congress opened at IFEMA in Madrid yesterday, and will be hosting ham producers and merchants until tomorrow. This is a biannual event that coincides this year with the third annual Meat Attraction, an international meat industry trade fair, highlighting the excellent health of  the ham industry, one of the star products in Spanish cuisine.

Madrid and ham

This is the first time the event has been held in the capital of Spain, after starting out in Cordoba and also being held in Ourique (Portugal), Toulouse (France) and Toledo. Without a shadow of a doubt, ham is one of the biggest culinary attractions in Spain and Madrid, and the capital is home to several places where you can taste both the delicious ham and other great Spanish cold cuts. These are a few of the “temples of ham” in Madrid, and an obligatory stopover on any culinary tour of the city:

– Bocadillo de jamón y champán (ham baguette and champagne). Delicious acorn-fed ham served in freshly baked bread. Wash down your baguette with a refreshing glass of champagne.

– Happig. This is a shop and also a place to sample a menu where ham is the star of the show. The menu also includes pork dishes, cheese, wine and even craft beers.

– La Garriga. Temple of ham in Génova Street. Enjoy sandwiches, small rolls or dishes made with ham, cheese and Catalan cold cuts.

– Álbora Restaurant. Definitely the best gourmet ham in the city in this restaurant in the Salamanca district. Look out for the Joselito trilogy of ham containing ham put through three different ageing processes.

– Txistu. A well-known restaurant in Madrid where Iberian ham is one of the most popular starters, the prelude to a culinary experience which offers the finest dishes in Basque cuisine.

As you can see, the enjoyment of one of the Spanish culinary treasures is another great excuse to discover more of Madrid.

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