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Convoca tu evento de empresa con las nuevas tecnologías

By | 15 June, 2015 | 0 comments


We already know that in, order to organise a business event, it is very important to do so under quality parameters of the highest standard. Conveying what our product or service represents in the event that we have been entrusted to organise is a task that requires plenty of attention to detail and responsibility. All of the items involved are of great importance but everything must start by choosing an appropriate location for the event and, like we said in one of our previous posts, a hotel like Liabeny can solve many of the situations that may occur in such an event with complete guarantees.

After this important part out of the way, you must take care of other equally important ones, such as gathering attendants and guests for the event. An event without people is not an event, no matter how well organised it is. You may have the best place, the most exquisite food and the best decoration, but if you forget to gather attendants and the RSVPs, the event will be a failure from the start.

The first thing to do is elaborate a detailed list of everyone who must be invited and notify them about the event. Perhaps, at first, you may draw up a long but it will need revising and shortening. Once you know who all the attendants will be, it is the time to notify them. Before, options were limited and RSVPs took us a lot of time without being able to fully control them. Today, new technologies help us for this task. How can we make the most of the Internet to communicate with all the attendants for a business event?

You can send a collective e-mail with an electronic invitation (creating an invitation will take time to design, as will trawling through our database to send an e-mail to everyone -in CCO-, which will include a read receipt to verify that it reaches everyone), create a private event on the company’s Facebook page to invite all attendants for them to confirm attendance on there; create a blog for this event if it’s a large-scale event; or a Whatsapp group or an event on Google Calendar if it is a business meeting… These are just some of the easiest solutions that we will have when organising a business event that will save us time and effort as well as give us the peace of mind that we need knowing that everyone has been notified and that they have confirmed their attendance.

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