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Gastronomía al alcance de la mano en el Mercado de San Miguel

By | 2 March, 2015 | 0 comments

If you consider yourself a foodie and you enjoy buying food for cooking at home or reaching out to pick the freshest apple, you cannot miss a visit to the famous San Miguel Market in Madrid, located approximately half a mile from our hotel by Puerta del Sol.

It’s located in the most traditional part of the city centre, in a historical and monumental spot full of literary details that take the visitor back in time. On Plaza de San Miguel is one of the markets with the most character not just in Madrid but around the world, receiving many visits from locals and tourists alike, who admire the quality of its products.

The market has stalls with traditional shopkeepers and whose sole aim is to bring the freshest and most unique product to our table every day. They also offer a special and friendly service that makes us smile when we buy and makes us feel as if we were living in a time without the mobile phones that we are stuck to today, which stop us from interacting with everyone around us.

Its building is the only one made of steel that is still standing today, after the disappearance of the markets of La Cebada and Los Mostenses. San Miguel Market is currently a Heritage of Cultural Interest in the Monument category. It is a title that is more than deserved thanks to its impressive architecture and the beauty of its lines. Its construction was finished back in 1916 by Alfonso Dubé y Díez, responsible for its renovation since 1911, as it was previously an open-air market like most markets were before 1835.

Two floors (a ground floor and a lower ground floor) host many different colours, flavours and aromas worthy of admiring and tasting on site at the many tapas bars or back at home.

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