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Gay Pride 2016 in Puerta del Sol

By | 25 June, 2016 | 0 comments

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During the first days of the month of July (and also the last ones of June), Madrid is once again flooded with colour, respect and freedom of speech to celebrate the famous Gay Pride. After many years of organising and celebrating this festival in the Spanish capital, Madrid’s Gay Pride has become one of the most important ones of its kind in the world.

This is hugely positive for the city and not just for those who enjoy the party but also due to the tourist flux that it attracts, as well as the positive light that it brings to the city and, consequently, to its shops, tourist establishments, etc. The economy needs to recover and every bit helps.

In fact, this year, and after the continuous growth of the party, the best new feature was the transfer of some of the most representative events to a new location that is very close to us: Puerta del Sol. All locations seem to get too small year after year and Chueca, the district where the festival is traditionally held, cannot hold so many people looking to have fun, so after expanding to Puerta de Alcalá (where a stage is set for performances), the epicentre was moved to Sol. Sol was where they announced Mister Gay and also where they held some of the most representative concerts, like Chenoa’s.

There is no doubt that the city will once again host a great Gay Pride festival this year where everyone can enjoy a huge party and also respect everyone’s freedom of choice. The city will dress up for the party and many visitors will arrive for it, something which is always a pleasure since Madrid is a city open for everyone to experience and enjoy.

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