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Gran Vía from another perspective

By | 15 March, 2016 | 1 comment

What would Madrid be like without Gran Vía? Would it really be the same city with the same heart and identity? Probably not. This legendary avenue is the most representative one in the Spanish capital and has once again become a cult location for artists and photographers. If you want to see and feel what Gran Vía is in itself and, even better, what it has been, you cannot miss out on this new opportunity presented to us by Ateneo de Madrid in its photography section.

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Since this past 16th of March, this space hosts the exhibition Gran Vía, in Sala Espacio Prado, gathering an important selection of photographs made by the photographer Enrique Sáenz de San Pedro (Vitoria, 1942) of this legendary avenue in Madrid that is still one of the most important social, business and financial hubs in the city.

Seeing the Gran Vía look so different and yet from not that long ago is what the artist wanted to focus on, photographing every minute of this important avenue between 1998 and 2002. It is a visual and sensorial trip around every corner of this city artery from another perspective, and the lack of colour does not diminish its message, with the black and white causing such an artistic impact that, at times, it makes the city unrecognisable, turning it into what could be any cosmopolitan city from around the world. However, its iconic buildings remind us all that this is, in fact, Gran Vía.

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There is not a lot to say about the author because his career summarises it perfectly. His career has spanned around reproductions of works of art for large publishing companies and/or official Spanish agencies. He has also carried out an important documentary work about the late 60s, illustrating that era within Humanistic European photography. However, there is no doubt that this is a unique opportunity to see Gran Vía from another perspective, a very special one, for all of us who love it and live in it every day.

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