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Pasamos con nota el examen de los blogueros de viajes

By | 10 February, 2014 | 0 comments

Sometimes, our hotel receives very demanding clients or clients who have been the experience of many hotel nights behind them. Pleasing these experienced travellers is a massive challenge for our whole team. That is why it’s always good to know that when we receive one of them, they leave our hotel satisfied and share their experience with us with the rest of the world.

Recently, we had the chance to have Isaac and Paula among our guests -the authors of the travel blog, who chose our hotel to stay in Madrid, as part of an activity that they defined as “social-romantic soiree” and during which they interacted with the hundreds of fans that follow their publications in the social media.

It’s always a thrill to read what travellers have to say about you in their published experiences, travellers who have been to dozens of hotels around the world, but it seems that we passed their blog’s test with honours. At least, that’s the feeling we get from what we can read in the article they wrote about us. In it they highlight our “privileged location” (since there are very few hotels so close to the Puerta del Sol like ours is) and the quickness of our service when checking in. Also, they valued highly the fact of being able to use our private car park in such a central area of the city.

In their article they also talk about “impeccable” rooms and the large size of our beds, as well as our great breakfast buffet: “Has anyone ever been left hungry after having had the breakfast buffet in the restaurant?”, they ask before enumerating some of the products that they enjoyed in it. They were also pleasantly surprised with our gym.

However, what they really pointed out in their conclusion was our painstaking service: “When we talk about details like taking 50 seconds to check in, asking if we could check-out at a later time subject to availability and then, almost before we’d finished asking, having two new room cards on the desk, the pleasantness from the waiters in the restaurant, the room service, the bellboy who takes your bags upstairs or that they open the bed for you in the evenings if you haven’t got to your room… you realise the difference between certain hotel services and others which have character”, Isaac and Paula tell us.

It truly is a pleasure that travellers enjoy and appreciate our staff’s work, even more so if it’s experienced travellers like these bloggers.

For us it was also a privilege to be chosen by them for accommodation; we are very happy that they enjoyed their stay and we hope to see them again soon… just like we do with you.

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