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Love and loving in Madrid

By | 12 September, 2016 | 0 comments

Loving is one of the most incredible experiences that a human being can experience. Loving someone and sharing your life with that person will make those moments extra special, even if it’s something as simple as eating an ice cream or going for a walk. Everything can become magical if it’s accompanied by love. In all cities you can find special places that increase the feeling of love and Madrid is no exception. Here are a few of our favourite spots in Madrid to experience love intensely. And you? Do you have your own?

  • El Retiro is a park that is one of Madrid’s best places for a first, second or tenth date. The Crystal Palace, the lake and the long paths surrounded by flowers mean that there is always somewhere new to discover with your partner.
  • Sabatini Gardens: feeling like a princess in love in these gardens is very easy, especially in the evenings, thanks to its magical lighting and the Palacio Real in the background guarding your love.

  • Segovia Bridge: if you prefer urban landscapes, you can always enjoy a walk around Madrid’s most classic area and stop and see one of the city’s most historical bridges. The Segovia Bridge is a fantastic spot for a love photo.
  • Cable car: if there’s something that love enjoys is flying high, lifting your feet from the ground and flying away. Enjoying Madrid from the sky is something that will open up your heart and be an unforgettable moment for your love.

These are just a few of the great places that Madrid has where you can enjoy your love. However, if your love is good and authentic, a bank, a street corner, a hallway… everywhere will be full of love. Remember that a life with love is a happy life.

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