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Maderaterapia: dedícate unos mimos naturales.

By | 2 October, 2015 | 0 comments

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Nature can always bring us benefits in many different aspects. We have within our reach, and closer than we think, many different tools that can increase our wellbeing and good health. Since ancestral times, everything that nature brings us has been used and put into practice, making it the centre of our existence. With time and due to mankind’s creative and inventive skills, we have left some of these natural tools and applications behind in favour of other synthetic materials, despite the fact that, recently, there has been an increasing interest in bringing back what’s healthy and natural. This is where this new aesthetic and wellness therapy comes from, which has wood as its main protagonist.

Like aromatherapy, colour therapy, or other alternative therapies that help us balance our energy, the one that we present today, wood therapy, helps us improve our body and get rid of the stress that we can get due to bad postures or knocks.

It is a physical therapy that consists in an aesthetic massage that, using tools made with wood, massages our body and adapts perfectly to the curves that we present in order to reach all of the places that hands cannot get to, relieving all kinds of stress while doing so. You will enjoy a relaxing massage with long strokes of light contact, so that you can empty our mind of all thoughts for at least a few seconds.

Wood is a living being that energetically balances our body’s chakras by increasing the power of therapy, obtaining bigger and better results. Thanks to this therapy, you can enjoy a complete result on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic, restructuring them all at the same time.

It is a wise and rich technique applicable to all types of massages: aesthetic, sports reaffirming or those that best suit your needs. The only important thing is to find some good professionals that empathise with the therapy and your needs.

What is a wood therapy session like?

A session that specialises in this therapy is divided in three parts or stages: the first one is a lymphatic massage or a pumping manoeuvre that prepares the skin and moves the body fat; the second one is a reductive massage with scented oils and, lastly, the wood items come into play, the best part of the therapy. For 20 minutes, approximately, you can enjoy some time for you and your wellness.

Madrid offers many options and is always at the forefront of all kinds of new therapies… all of them very close to our 4-star hotel in Madrid, where you can enjoy this and other great options for your wellness.

*images of TheCoolCompany (specialised therapy centre in Puerta del Sol)

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