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Madrid es mucho arte en septiembre

By | 28 August, 2015 | 0 comments


Madrid does not ever seem to go on holiday, even when most people seem to be enjoying one, which means that the city never stops. However, when things go back to normal in September, the new cultural and leisure programmes regenerate, offering exhibitions and activities that you must not miss starting in late August or early September. Art, in any of its expressions, is a reference in Madrid at any time of year, and these dates are a must if you want to make your return to work a little lighter or even make your holidays better if you are lucky enough to still be enjoying them.

1950s New York can be enjoyed until September 26th at Galería Bernal Espacio thanks to the photographs of the time taken by photo artist Vivian Maier. She was unknown until four years ago, when collector John Maloof discovered her work at an auction and acquired a few film rolls that still had not been developed. He had planned to use them for a private project but when he saw what they contained, he did not hesitate publish this artist’s work. Maier never developed her film rolls and since she did not have any family, her work never saw the light. She was a solitary nanny who was hiding a huge treasure.

Southern Spanish art arrives in Madrid with a breeze from Malaga. Leonor Serrano, born in Malaga, decided to go to London to study and to develop her career. She was such a hit that she is now considered to be a reference among London’s contemporary art scene. Her work has now landed in Spain directly at Galería Marta Cervera, where she will exhibit her work Limbs describes curves, a theatrical work with recreational links. It is a video installation that shows a unique performance where dancers are compositional figures of a choreography.

Klein blue is already a colour used around the world and its creator lives and breathes it. Yves Klein arrives at Galería Cayón to offer showpieces that are completely different to his usual ones, which always focus on paintings and performances. New objects are exhibited which the artist approaches the Dadaist readymade style and that, of course, he has painted with his own colour: Klein blue. Works such as the chance of discovering as a spectator what is inside a box just by touching it is just one of the many surprises that this exhibition has for its visitors.

It seems that Gema Rupérez’s first solo exhibition will be a complete success. The multidisciplinary artist who delves into sculpture, installations and new materials has landed at the Twin Gallery to make us think about the continuous transformations that we suffer every day, whether it is individually or collectively. The exhibition’s purpose is to make us think about visual oxymorons and paradoxes that we face day to day, a purpose that will no doubt make a lasting impression on its visitors.

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