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Trabajar fuera de casa como autónomo: Madrid y los coworking

By | 2 May, 2015 | 0 comments

Today, in Spain, working self employed is something that is growing in popularity. Many professionals are seeing this option as a good solution to the terrible economic recession that Spain has endured. Being freelance or self employed is something quite common today and even envied by many because, despite being a bit dangerous or uncertain at the beginning, the truth is that it has excellent perks such as working for one self or being able to organise one’s own time.

Perhaps one of the negative points about being self employed was where to actually work. Most self-employed people work at home but many realised that this was not positive and that it had some annoying problems. The main problem was the lack of interaction with people, something that you can enjoy in an office but not working alone at home. Another was the timetable: when you work at home for yourself, it is true that you are in charge of the time but this also means that you can be working late into the never-ending evening, since your “office” is just a few steps away from the bedroom, the living room, etc. And lastly, where to receive your clients? That’s another problem to take into account.

With the proliferation of self-employed professionals, many business ideas began to flourish that solved these problems. These are the so-called and famous “co-working”. Madrid has been a pioneering city in this activity and it currently has a large number of spaces that offer this alternative at low costs.

“Co-workings” offer a common space where to work, with independent slots “tables or work tables” for everyone, access to common areas such as meeting rooms or a kitchen where to have a chat and even create synergies with the other people working in that space. It also includes printer, Wi-Fi and all the services of an office. For reduced rates or much lower prices than renting an office, you can have a space to work in and share it with other professionals like you, as well as having your own timetable so you can separate your working day from your private life and carry on growing in your activity.

For certain work situations outside the city, when you are travelling for one reason or another but you still need to work, these “co-working” spaces offer daily rates to have the same services. Another option for this circumstance is to choose a room of the hotel you are staying in that is usually set up to work in and that has all the extra and necessary services such as Wi-Fi, printer, screen, projector…

Without doubt, e-working and the cloud (Internet) make it easy to work from anywhere at all. No matter where you are, you always take the office with you. Freedom of time and being able to get online always make your professional development a lot easier.

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