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Travel to Madrid in winter

By | 11 January, 2016 | 0 comments

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It might not seem like it but it’s winter already. Yes, in December we moved from autumn to winter although it really doesn’t live up to its temperature expectations. There has been a couple of cold days recently but there is no sign of the freezing cold that we usually get, which means it’s the perfect time to travel in winter, definitely the most beautiful time of the year for a quick getaway, especially if it’s to Madrid.

What are the benefits of travelling to Madrid in winter?

– The city looks beautiful. The colour of winter is simply magnificent, with its brown autumn tones leaving a beautiful setting with blues and whites, despite there being no snow. The leaves still slowly fall from the trees but the plants are already hibernating and preparing for the beautiful upcoming spring. Everything smells and feels different. You will feel how special this time of year is in Madrid.

– There are fewer people around. January is perhaps the best month, whether it is because of the money difficulties people have in January or because people think it will be very cold (which is not true). No matter what reason, the truth is that Madrid is much more accessible this time of year. There are fewer queues in museums, exhibitions and other points of interest, which makes a visit to Madrid much more appealing. You will be able to visit everything and not waste time queuing.

– There will be no overwhelming heat. You will of course avoid the hot summer sun which despite being bearable, it’s probably better if it isn’t there.

– Everything is cheaper. Not just because of the sales but also because there are less people travelling after Christmas and therefore everything is cheaper, with the accommodation offer being better and more accessible.

– Musicals and theatre plays. In winter, the stage programme is at its best. It is the time for new and continuing shows and also some discounts, which is quite commonplace this time of year.

– Sales. Like we said in a previous post, the best sales hit Madrid in January. The city is a perfect place for shopping and you will be able to find everything that you are looking for.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Madrid in January. The Spanish capital is ready to welcome you at any time of year but January has a special feeling and aroma. Are you coming?

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