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The lighthouse of a city without sea: the Moncloa Lighthouse

By | 9 September, 2016 | 0 comments

Photo: César Caracuel

At first, one would think that a city without sea would not have a lighthouse and what would be the point of it if there are no boats to see or guide. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth and when we say time and time again that Madrid has everything and lacks nothing, we mean it and the city backs us up. This time, we can say that even if Madrid doesn’t have sea (but it does have a beach, more on that later on), it does have a lighthouse.

Madrid’s Lighthouse is located in the Moncloa area, which is why it is known as Faro de Moncloa. This is an area popular with students, who fill its streets, bars and meeting spots, because who hasn’t agreed to meet up with friends at the Moncloa Interchange? Well, that is where, next to the Museum of the Americas, you can find our unique lighthouse.

It’s called a lighthouse because it is a 360-foot-high lighting tower that can illuminate areas at a considerable distance. Built in 1992, the year that Madrid was named European Capital of Culture, it has a unique viewpoint from where you can see some of the city’s most emblematic places and buildings, such as the Palacio Real, the famous Telefonica Building on Gran Vía (which can be seen thanks to its height despite not being close), the Four Towers and the Almudena Cathedral among others. Without doubt, it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss that is aided by the railing, since it includes plenty of information about the city’s evolution.

Are you coming up? Madrid’s Lighthouse is waiting for you.

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