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Only in Madrid

By | 2 July, 2016 | 0 comments

There are things in Madrid that you can only enjoy in this city. You could say this about many cities in the world because we know how unique and special every corner of the world is. However, we are here to talk about our city and we can assure you that it has a lot to offer that you can only enjoy here. What exactly? Here are a few examples, only a few, to increase your desire to visit us but once you are here you will discover many more.

Theatre can be found in many places but, in a coal cellar?

Yes, in Madrid you can go and see a play like in many other places but only here, as far as we know, can you do so in a unique spot: an old coal cellar. You can enjoy this experience on Calle Mancebos in La Latina district.


Teatro carboneria

Skating can be enjoyed anywhere you want, but only in Madrid can you do so in a train station.

Chamartín, our legendary yet perennially modern train station, now also has a skating rink with many other leisure and recreational options. Fun is guaranteed, as is a good fitness session for those who wish to train harder. If you are a beginner, there is a school and teachers who will teach you how to skate.

Visiting a war bunker… from the inside.

Yes, after a renovation and refurbishment, the bunker of the park of El Capricho has reopened its doors so you can discover at first hand how people took shelter from the bombs during the Spanish Civil War.

Bunker El capricho

Be the star of Edward Scissorhands.

Madrid has an enchanted forest, more specifically in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, filled with statues made of plants, straight from the mind of their creator. Different themes and characters come to life “in green” here.


Bosque encantado

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