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Puerta del Sol

By | 28 April, 2011 | 0 comments

Puerta del Sol, the true heart of Madrid, has a long history for locals as you will discover courtesy of Hotel Liabeny.  In the Fifteenth century, it was one of the access points to the old medieval city of Madrid. Funnily enough, this gate or fence used to be presided by a sun, indicating that the gate was looking east and that’s where it gets its name from.

The Golden Century turned Puerta del Sol into a traditional meeting point where people gathered around the Steps of San Felipe, in the church of San Felipe el Real.

The current shape that we know it by occurred after the construction of Casa de Correos, which was finished in 1768. This building later came the headquarters of the Interior Government and they say that its underground dungeons were always full of dissidents and wrongdoers from the early Twentieth century, such as the famous writer Ramón del Valle Inclán. This building, easily recognisable thanks to its high clock and bell, is today the headquarters of the Government of the Community of Madrid.

Today, Puerta del Sol is a very popular square which comprises many different shops and shopping centres. It is also a symbol of Spain since it’s the traditional location to celebrate New Year’s Eve, accompanied by the famous 12 grapes while its famous clock strikes midnight.

Also, since 1950, the famous Puerta del Sol is where the so-called Kilometre Zero is located, the symbolic starting point of all Spanish arterial roads.

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