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Reasons to visit Madrid in March

By | 28 February, 2016 | 0 comments

March is a great month, thirty-one days during which you can enjoy memorable times that only happen this month or at least, start this month. What about travelling? It’s great plan for this month for many different reasons, which we point out below.

–       Temperatures are milder. Although it’s true that this past winter hasn’t been too cold, temperatures will slowly and naturally start to rise in March. It still won’t be hot but this balance between the overwhelming summer heat and intense winter cold is perfect to travel. It makes it more comfortable and bearable to walk around in comfortable temperatures without having to wear a big coat or enduring the sweltering heat. Also, there’s nothing more beautiful than the winter sun, the one that shines and fills us with energy after the dark winter days. In Madrid, you can enjoy it everywhere: streets, squares and, of course, parks.

–       Easter holidays. This year they are a bit earlier than usual so this gives us the chance to have a few resting days in March. Coming to Madrid on these days is always a unique experience, being able to visit places of interest and enjoying traditional seasonal gastronomic pleasures such as torrijas.

–       New programmes for museums and theatres. Alongside the good weather come the new programmes for museums and theatres, offering the best of the season to come. If you visit Madrid during March, you will be able to choose from a wide range of activities in the worlds of art, musicals and other artistic fields.

–       Colour is everywhere. March is the month when colour comes back. After the grey, black and brown winter, colour floods the city again, whether it’s on our clothes, accessories or decoration of restaurants and streets. Everything becomes more joyful and this helps us feel better.

–       Flowers make the landscape unique. What better way of dressing with lively colours than doing so with flowers! March is the month when flowers appear once again and welcome spring. Emblematic parks in Madrid such as El Capricho and El Retiro transform into a unique landscape, and what can we possibly say about the city’s beautiful almond trees during this time of year.

–       Prices are still affordable. Last but not least, an important reason to visit Madrid in March is that, as well as all the aforementioned features, you can enjoy all of it at a good price before all of the summer price hikes come into force. Furthermore, you can visit all of the places without having to  endure big crowds.

March is a unique time of year to enjoy a perfect break, and where better to do so than in a city like Madrid.

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