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Regalar vida, el mayor acto de generosidad

By | 15 May, 2015 | 0 comments

Every 3rd of June is Organ and Tissue Donor Day. It is a happy day of celebration but, of course, also commemorates all the people that carry out the biggest act of generosity that exists in life. It is essential to be grateful to all the people who choose to gift life to others who need it when theirs has reached the end of the road, a great act of bravery and altruism for which they will receive nothing in exchange but which will change the receiver’s life.

Spain is a world leader in organ transplants. 2014 closed with a ratio of 36 donors per million people, a high number that resulted in 4,360 transplant operations according to the Spanish Transplant Organisation (ONT), perhaps the body that works best in Spain, carrying out an impeccable job.

According to recent reports from the Spanish Health System, “we are currently experiencing historical highs, which allow us to state that Spain is once again at the head in terms of donations and transplants thanks to the collaboration of all citizens and medical commitment”.

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36 donors per one million inhabitants is the same as saying that in 2014 there were 1,682 heroes that carried out the most generous act of their life by giving their organs when they could not use them anymore to people who could use them for years to come. And it is not just the donors who are the clear examples of altruism but also the families, who in most cases are those that decide, mostly during the hardest of times, to carry out this generous act.

Generosity is a word that should prevail and be the main feature of any article on donations, since there is really no other motivation to carry out this act. Nothing is received in exchange other than the satisfaction of having helped someone else.

In a donation and transplant process, it is not just the health system and the doctor that come into play but also many other factors that require a high degree of professionalism and as much support as it is needed. This is the case of transport and hotels, since many receivers must travel from their cities or towns to other places in the country where the operation will take place. Once again, Spain shows an impeccable attitude since it is the country that has the most successful transplants in the world.

It is a day to celebrate the best act that could exist. You can always decide to become a donor, since all you have to do is fill in this form and, in as long as possible, you will be able to give the best gift in the world: life.

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